About The Problem

The National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) recognizes that one of the significant sources of prescription drugs for abuse is found in our nation’s residences. Recent statistics indicate that pharmaceuticals are the #1 substance of abuse of those 12-17 years of age. One of their main sources lies in our nation’s medicine cabinets and homes, where these drugs are easily accessible for abuse and/or resale.

In addition to these drugs being a ready source for teenagers, thefts of prescription drugs from homes occur every day, especially by those that the average home owner invites in to their residence. Whenever you have your house painted, remodeled, or an appliance delivered, you potentially become an unknowing victim of diversion of your personal medication.

One other method not normally considered by house owners, is those that prey on your medications when you offer your home for sale. Real estate open houses, common during the marketing of residences in most neighborhoods, can become a haven for prescription drug seekers that see an easy hit in merely strolling through your home as a bogus buyer.

…So What Can I Do?