What Can I Do


Begin with taking an inventory of all of the prescriptions that you have.  This process allows you to have a starting point to check back with to determine if some pills are missing.  In addition, it allows you to locate and remove medications that are expired or not to be used by the patient.


The Rx drugs you do need and use you need to secure them in your residence. One great method is with one of the MedGuard Safes mentioned in this website. This device is reasonably priced, securely locked, and affixed right inside your medicine cabinet to prevent entry into the safe and/or removal of the entire safe with your pharmaceuticals. At the very least, homeowners should find a secure and safe location that is not a typical repository for prescription drugs like your medicine cabinet, bathroom closet, dresser drawers, etc.  The MedGuard safe can be used to hold the medications that are going to be used in the near future.  Medications that are used less often can be placed into a small plastic tool box and locked.  The box then can be placed in a closet or cabinet.


If you have determined that a medication is no longer needed and should be disposed of, one method is to go to www.rxdrugdropbox.org. On the website put in your zip code and see if a law enforcement agency near you has a disposal box that you can use. If one is not near your area, then most experts agree that grinding the pills up and placing them in some undesirable product (coffee grounds, baby’s diapers, etc.) and throwing them in the trash is acceptable.